Wine generally ranks 2nd in popularity ("buyability") after beer, especially in Moscow and St Petersburg.

When choosing sparkling wine, 53% of Russians prefer domestic products, while 34% prefer foreign wines. In the case of still wine, 32% of Russians prefer Russian wines, while 52% prefer foreign.

What is chosen?
When buying still and sparkling wine, residents of Russian winemaking regions, as well as the South and North Caucasus Federal Districts, are much more likely than the national average to prefer Russian-made products. However, those aged between 18 and 25 prefer foreign sparkling wines. Moscow and St Petersburg residents show a greater preference than the national average for foreign still and sparkling wines. Differences in financial standing have little influence on the choice of Russian or foreign products. Those Russians who choose foreign still and sparkling wines prefer European producers.

Alcoholic beverages are popular purchases during sales promotions - 3rd most popular after food, household chemicals and household appliances.

Cost is generally the decisive factor for consumers when choosing wine. According to the Russian Wines Competition 2020 statistics, the retail shelf price of Russian wines per 750 ml bottle varies from 180 RUB (€2.24) for APK Gelendzhik, Riesling to 6,500 RUB (€80.95) for LLC Lefkadia, The bachelor collection Shiraz 2011. However, the high cost of wine does not always guarantee high quality, and vice versa.