selling to Ukraine
Why Ukraine?

Ukraine is one of the world's fastest-growing market. Located in the heart of Europe is a perfect place to host wine&spirits producers and buyers from all over the world.

In 2020, Ukraine imported 52 million liters of wine for 150 million euros, which is +19% more compared to 2019, and +43% more than the 2018 import volume.

remains the leader, accounting for 1/3 of all wine imports. In 2020, Italy increased wine sales by 33%.

also significantly increased volumes, +39% compared to 2019.

The leaders in terms of growth were Portugal +68% and South Africa +65%.

Germany and Moldova on the contrary reduced import volumes by 13% and 17% respectively.

Sparkling and bulk wines?

Sparkling wines account for 20% of all imports — 27.3 million euros (+22% compared to 2019). The leader in sales is Italy – 12.5 million euros that is 46% of the total volume of purchases of sparkling wines and +35% growth since 2019. Spain'simport growth is +84% compared to 2019. Cava confidently conquers the Ukrainian market. The volume of bulk wine import fell by 35% — 2.4 million liters for 2 million euros which is just 1.5% of total wine import.