IN RUSSIA and ukraine
where to start?
Wine marketing in Russia and Ukraine
It is difficult to grow high-quality grapes that have reached optimal physiological maturity and then produce high-quality wine from them. It is equally difficult to sell the resulting wine. Therefore, only active, creative producers working with competent specialists will be successful and gain customer loyalty.

The most popular marketing tools for a foreign producer to promote their wines include:

  • participating in wine competitions, both in Russia, Ukraine and abroad. To date, eight sites in Russia and Ukraine have conducted competitive assessment of wines.
  • participating in wine exhibitions, both in Russia and Ukraine. The main wine exhibition in Russia and Ukraine is Leading Wine Show (LWS) which takes place every year.
  • working with wine experts, sommeliers, wine critics, journalists and bloggers (both foreign and Russian).
  • developing wine tourism.
  • running marketing events focussing on their products (PR tastings, masterclasses, wine dinners, wine festivals, etc).
  • opening branded stores and wine bars.
  • utilising social networking.
  • hiring foreign "flying" winemakers.
  • working with the media.
  • advertising in specialised magazines, on websites, on television (at the permitted time).
  • establishing wine schools and clubs.
  • working with pop stars and public figures.
Some of these marketing tools are really effective and can directly increase wine sales, while others are less effective.