Issues of the Russian and Ukranian wine industry
New beginnings

NEW Beginnings?
Issues of the Russian and Ukranian wine industry
The main current issues of the wine industry include the following:

  • The unstable ruble exchange rate affects the cost of imported grape seedlings, agricultural and technological equipment, components and auxiliary materials as well as imported wine.
  • Restrictive measures introduced due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic have almost completely paralysed the on-trade sector, wine tourism and various marketing activities.
  • Contradictions in the legislation governing the wine industry limit its development.
According to the ProWein 2019 business report, both Russia and Ukraine - countries with the greatest expected increase in market attractiveness.

The most attractive segments for wineries' long-term development are premium and super-premium wines. This is due to the lack of high-quality wines from Russian producers and the predicted rise in the cost of imported wines.

Producing wines for the mass market segment is most attractive from the short-term perspective of a quick return on invested funds.

The demand for wine education will continue to grow, online courses will appear, and there will be more qualified wine specialists in Russia and Ukraine..

There are prerequisites for allowing the sale of alcoholic beverages, including wine, via the Internet. The minimum drinking age in Russia will probably be increased to 21 years, in Ukraine - 18 years.

Wine consumption in Russia and Ukraine will undoubtedly continue to grow due to wine's increasing popularity and the improvement in wine literacy.